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Creating a Basic FTP Backup Server

So you’ve setup your web server and now you want a simple backup space to store your backups away from the main server, just in case the worst happens! Plesk uses FTP for off...


Find large files in Linux

After some time you may find your server starts to fill up with backups and other files and this will ultimately bring your server down when you run out of usable space. I use...


Automatically Optimise and Repair all MySQL databases on your server

Quickly and easily check for or optimise and repair any MySQL database corruption with the following commands. Extended checks on all databases plus auto repair any corrupted

Extended optimise on databases plus auto...


Automated MySQL Backups on Ubuntu Linux

Need to take automated nightly backups of all of the MySQL databases on your server and then move a copy to a separate FTP space? It’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds. First...


Remove Facebook Like from Plesk

It’s pretty simple to remove the Facebook like and promotions from the Plesk panel. rename the file /opt/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini.sample to panel.ini and then amend the file so it appears like:

Visit your Plesk panel and...


Installing Plesk on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

I often find myself running through the same setup procedure while getting a server ready for clients. Our hosting platform for clients is Plesk so this is going to be a quick step by step...


How to Setup SSH Keys

Why would you want to use SSH Keys? SSH keys are a more secure way of connecting to your server than by simple password authentication and all but stops a terminal brute force password...